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Title I
In accordance with the Elementary & Secondary Education Act, Rancho High School has been designated a Title I School.  Below you will find information as to what this means to you and your student, including how Rancho High School's designated Title I funds are being allocated for the 2018-2019 school year.

Elementary & Secondary Education Act
Federal legislation passed to set high academic standards and establish measurable goals of achievement to improve outcomes in education.
  • For schools, the ESEA…
    • Ensures that schools…
      • set high standards for student achievement.
      • measure student progress using approved tests.
      • issue report charting school progress.
    • Provides teacher training and professional development to improve instruction.
    • Requires yearly testing in math, reading, and science.
    • Establishes specific annual yearly levels of progress that all schools must work to meet (e.g. AYP).
  • For parents, the ESEA provides…
    • School report cards to inform parents of how well their child’s school is performing.
    • Information on the qualifications of their child’s teacher.
    • Student progress reports to allow parents to learn how their child is performing on grade-level standards.
  • For students, the ESEA…
    • Sets high expectations for academic achievement.
    • Provides access to supplemental services (school choice and/or tutoring) for students at schools that continue to perform below standards.
    • Ensures a safe, drug-free environment.

The Title I Program

  • What is Title I?
    • Title I is a federally funded academic assistance program for schools.
    • The goal of Title I is to ensure high quality education for every child.
  • What does Title I provide at my child’s school?
    • Additional Staff ($203,000 plus $7000 from Rollover Funding)
      • Purpose: To lower our student/teacher ratio in academic areas, providing a more conducive learning environment
      • Three additional staff members are currently being funded through Title I: two in math and one in science
    • Parent Involvement ($2,039)
      • Purpose: To improve parent involvement and there by student achievement
    • Rollover Funding ($101,950)
      • Professional Development
      • AP, SAT, and ACT Testing Waivers for students
      • Staffing
  • What are the parents’ right and responsibility under Title I?
    • Rights
    • The right to receive periodic progress reports on the child and the school.
    • The right to request information about the qualifications of their child’s teacher.
    • The right to help decide if the school’ Title I program is meeting the needs of their child.
    • The right to offer suggestions for academic improvement and increased parental involvement.
    • Responsibilities
    • The responsibility to share information with the teacher about their child’s interest and abilities.
    • The responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly, completes all homework and classroom assignments, and adheres to district and school behavioral policies.
    • The responsibility to attend parent conferences and to communicate regularly with the school concerning their child’s academic progress.